3 Reasons To Give Up The Word «Hope» To Attract Women

When it comes to really succeed with women, most men are not aware of the actual truth to attract women. They have no idea what it takes to become successful with girls. Here is the fact about attracting women – «You have to push yourself to face the reality.»

That is the key to attracting women and finally improving your dating and romantic life. You have to choose to face the reality rather than living in a fantasy. You should give up the word «hope» and start taking action to make the things happen that you want into your life. Most men don’t realize this simple truth of life and because of this real reason they continue to fail with women.

The word «hope» causes approach anxiety.

In life, people try to send the message that the word «hope» is something good and positive, but when it comes to reality the word «hope» stops people from taking action and getting success in their life. Most people use the word hope in their vocabularies like this:

  • I «hope» to find and get a better job. I «hope» that one day I can become rich and retire.
  • It’s the word «hope» that causes you to get approach anxiety whenever you spot an attractive woman. It stops you from having a conversation with a beautiful girl because you believe that you are still not ready and have not read any dating material until now. The word hope sabotages you from ever taking action on the knowledge you already know.
  • Hope is a bad word and it stops you from succeeding with girls. It stops you from taking action whenever you see an attractive girl you like to meet and talk to her. And hope is the word that prevents you from improving your life.
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The word «hope» prevents you from taking decisions.

Using the word hope makes you assume that your life is not in your hands and is beyond your control and that you have no options to make the decisions and how to shape your life. To transform your life, it is essential to give up the word «hope,» because the word hope stops you from achieving your goals in life. When you stop «wishing» and «hoping» and instead force yourself to go out into the reality of the world and improve yourself, you allow yourself to get more success and take control of your life.

Instead of sticking to the word hope and hoping to find a beautiful girl, take action and go wherever beautiful women hang out. Give up hope because it stops you from attracting and succeeding with girls.

The fear of approaching women can be cured only by approaching women.

People say that confidence is something that is simply an inborn characteristic, but this is not true. Confidence comes from practice and from experiencing success. To approach and attract women successfully, you should be willing to confront your fears and conquer your approach anxiety and start talking to women. This is the only way to improve your dating and romantic life. To get used to talking to girls is paradoxically by talking to girls. There is just no other way.

And that’s the real fact about attracting women. To attract women, you should give up hope, start taking persistent action and talking to girls face-to-face. By doing this, you will know and understand how to attract women.

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