3 Practical Tips To Make Fun Of Girls Effectively To Attract Women

One of the best ways to attract women and get them to respond to you is through making fun of them, also known as playful teasing. This teasing you may develop when register on erotic chat online. Sure, there are several ways to do this and ways that you can even go to extreme and actually ruin your possibilities of attracting girls you want into your life. There is a subtle difference between making fun of a girl and making her feel self-aware about herself. Learning this subtle difference will actually help you to build a good sense of humor and make fun of girls much more effectively. Here are 3 practical tips to develop a strong sense of humor.

Do not joke a girl about her looks.

Before making fun of girls, there are a few basic rules to be aware of. The important rule is to never make fun of a girl about her looks or her body. Even if you believe you are doing it in a good way, it can appear in a different type and might result in hurting the girl’s feelings (and her ego). The final thing you need to do is make her become aware of her looks, even if you are trying to be funny and uplifting.

Now that you know the basic things to avoid when trying to make fun of girls, you can start making fun of them to get them to pay attention to you. Don’t begin with something too extreme, particularly if you have never had a conversation with the girl before. You will come across as a creep, and this is something that you have to avoid completely.

If both of you are together at an event, you can make a little joke about the event, how it took so long, a humorous observation about the presenter. Avoid negative comments at this time, especially when you are just getting to know her. Many women do not like if you are negative. Even if it is a funny tease, it will reflect poorly on your character and make you appear bad.

Keep your jokes aimed at her simple.

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After a few conversations, you can begin to make a fun targeted at her, but be careful with this. You can make a fun about the shoes she is wearing. And how you are quite sure you have seen some popular movie actress wearing the similar shoes, but the girl seems better in them. She will know you are joking, but it makes her feel good and a bit complimented. Don’t go extreme with this, because some women will become uninterested when it looks like you are putting too much effort.

A simple joke and a small compliment show a good sense of humor and make women feel good when they are around you. This is the best way and it should yield good results in the end. From there, you are free to make fun about everything, once both of you are having conversation regularly. And again, until you are spending too much time with her, don’t make fun about her in extreme and keep it simple.

Make fun about a girl’s behavior.

Another good way to make fun of girls is on their behavior when they are with you. Jokingly mention to her that you aren’t someone whom she can sleep with easily, and in order to get your attention, she will have to buy you a drink and prove her worth. Basically, what you need to do is turn around the typical dating roles so that rather than the man following and pursuing the woman, the woman is the one following and pursuing the man.

This way of making fun of girls is very attractive because it doesn’t come across as needy. Many men go overboard and act extremely polite, trying to get women to like them, and pay for expensive dates. You are doing the complete reverse of this and girls are not used to seeing this. Knowing how to properly make fun of girls is vital for attracting women. Making fun of girls makes them laughing and comfortable when they talk to you. It makes you appear as a very confident man who understands women and gets them. Begin making fun of girls in a way that interests them and you will see your conversation with women improve rapidly.

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