2 Most Important Things You Need To Attract And Get Women

Most men say things like – «men only gets women because they have money,» or «women are only attracted to men who are rich». While men having financial freedom do attract women easily, but one don’t need to have only money in order to get women.

Here are 2 most important things you need to attract women constantly.

Having money is vital.

Any dating coach, who tries to tell you that having money doesn’t help in getting women, is just trying to market themselves. Having money is crucial and it does help to get women more easily. When the option comes between the man with money and a man with no money competing over a woman, it is usually the man who has money will be getting the woman. Girls prefer to date and sleep with men who have money more than men who do not have any money. So don’t become susceptible and fall for the myth that having money doesn’t help to get women. In fact, men with money do have an easier time getting women.

Having money gives men more opportunities to meet women.

The reason why men having money can easily get women is because it gives a man opportunity. The more chances a man have to approach and meet women, the better that his success with women will eventually be. Think of an unemployed man who worries about what he is going to eat for the next meal or the man who is living a life of financial wealth and can go to shopping at the mall whenever he wants during the daytime. Women are attracted and become curious about men who constantly travel and are always on the go. Having money gives a man better chance to meet women. Furthermore, it also gives the ability to dress smart in a fashionable manner which always attracts women.

It is the fundamentals which determine success or failure with women.

While having money gives men more opportunities to meet women and gives the opening, it’s not the only thing which gets success with women. What this means is, money allows you to meet women and women will also be more interested when you interact with them, but if you don’t know how to take advantage of that initial interest and take things further, you’ll still struggle and fail with women. Having money gives the opening, but it is the basic fundamentals which give the success with women.

This is the reason why most men, having lots of money struggle to attract women and stick to them. Even though these men can easily create initial attraction than the average man, they don’t know how to take that initial attraction further, and it ends up with women getting frustrated, annoyed, and finally leave them for not having identified their interest.

The fundamentals required to become successful with women.

Men having money fail to attract women because they lack the fundamentals.

Money and fundamentals are an essential combination to have.

Having money allows a man to get women easily, but to get women with any degree of constancy, one also needs fundamentals. The most important combination that a man can have is having  money  and having fundamentals to get women. And when men have both of the 2 things, women find them attractive, chase them and do everything they can to get them.

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